Truth isn’t Stranger than Fiction: Paradise Engineering.

  1. Wireheading or manipulate existing brain oh how to connect more neurological parts and stimulate the pleasure region by electrodes. In my imagination, you are required to wear something on your head that contains or attach the electrodes, probably like a hat, or helmet, or implant, that will get access to stimulate that region. Yet, this might inactivate the other sensations as well, might be dangerous if we lost sense of hunger, even thirst, and it is *possible* to simply turn us into an organic supercomputer with no feeling left.
  2. Designer Drugs or as we read on Brave New World, the happy pills. We have some substances that the users describe as giving you happiness. Instead of pleasure (which normally delivered by dopamine, usually found in recreational drug and alcohol), it wants to enhance happiness and sense of well being (like in SSRI antidepressants which normally used to treat depression) Most drugs that cause addiction are illegal, and some antidepressants still cause other effects and have various results. Pearce argues we are able to design drugs that lasts longer than the drugs that most people consume these days. It normally causes might lower awareness of surrounding and won’t be achieved without well-equipped safety by surrounding.
  3. Genetic Engineering or CRISPR baby, in a nutshell. I think this is what he emphasizes the most, about predisposing happiness traits in babies. He called it Genetic Recalibration. Some mental illnesses are caused biologically, some people have more tendency to have it if it’s written on their gene. Species change over time due to two main factors: selection and mutation. Normally nature tends to make us procreate with someone with more survival advantage: it makes us reproduce organisms better suited to their environment have more chance of surviving. With CRISPR, it is somehow possible to *edit* the genetic predisposition that normally takes a long time for species to achieve. It is something as a very hot topic for scientist and we will see a long way, on how it is developed.




Wonder and wander through life, finding tiny interesting things until I die.

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Diah Malik

Diah Malik

Wonder and wander through life, finding tiny interesting things until I die.

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